Wednesday, February 17, 2010

He'll do a "Comedy" show in North Carolina

Sure. Dru claims he's going down to the Comedy Festival in North Carolina and that he claimshe'll be doing a comedy show, but we all know what that means. He'll suck while the other two dudes in his group consistently try to pick up his slack.

And I have evidence:
Wow! Dru didn't have time to put his bag down before taking this picture? Really? Sounds like something an IDIOT would do! Am I right! Clearly he's the one bringing these other two down... and don't they look charming while Dru looks smug and idiot. Yep. I just made Idiot work in that sentence. I'm changing how we'll use that word.

When Dru comes on stage during this vacation I'm sure the audience is going to looooooove laughing at him. Meanwhile they will laugh with everyone else.

Jeer on, North Carolina! Jeer on!

10 days of enormous sucking

Yep. But that was a gimme. That's what he'll do for 10 days.

I got to figure out what I'm going to hate on for ten days... I gotta remind myself...

He'll decide to read ten books in ten days...

Alright, this one I'm pretty confident about, but I'm not sure it will be the book thing... but here's the way I think it plays out:

After one day Dru is going to realize that he actually doesn't have a social life. This realization is going to make him so drastically miss making blogs every day that he's going to fill the ten days with some other awful project, because in Dru's mind lack of friends somehow equates with "Let's do something so that I can NEVER make friends (especially cause all my friends I do have I'm going to say NO YOU CAN'T DO THE BLOG WITH ME ANDY!).

So that's going to happen, and then he's going to decide he wants to read a book everyday, but after he finishes Where the Wild Things Are he'll realize he still doesn't have friends and he's not creative enough to imagine monster friends so he'll make a restriction to, like, read 500 page books every single day.

At the end of the ten days he will come back, still ready to suck like he always does, and continue to neglect his friends and his one time collaborator.


The Story on this Blog

So Dru is taking ten days off, huh? Yep... figures... figured an asshole like that wouldn't have the drive to do the entire thing without exercising his awful copout rule that let him have like 12 guest bloggers. I'm sure he's going to "Catch up on sleep" in those ten days and "Do actual work" in those ten days. Well we all know that just means that asshole is going to stick around his house and jerk-off and watch Entourage all day cause he seems like the kinda guy who would get erect looking at Turtle.

Yeah. I went there.

So let's examine what he's going to be doing on his ten days off, shall we? I got lot's of ideas of what my EX friend is going to be doing.

And really, the one awesome thing about this is that we get to have ten days of blogs sans Dru. That's really the cherry on top here.

Andy Out.